Living Room 客厅

In fact, it is not only a study room, but most importantly, it is a place where new ideas are constantly emerging.

The series includes several components, such as sofas, sofa chairs and armchairs. The rest of the study series is designed to seamlessly blend into one. It is very versatile, like tight or loose clothes, suitable for quiet travel in the ocean of books, warm or Lightweight, suitable for any situation, no matter summer or winter.

Matching items
Bookcase: DC-SG08 Zeus Bookcase
Desk: Vicsy Desk (Vicsy)
Dining chair: Stark (Sitake)
Corner table: F-CJ566B Tallinn side table
Carpet: cotton and feather
Process: Smoked process of carbonized layer
Dining chair:
Natural Southwest Birch Inner Frame
High-woven and high-density anti-bacterial cotton
PTR high elastic cotton
Pure natural down
Italy imported cotton and linen
Calfskin imported from Italy